About us

The Canadian Dyslexia Centre (CDC) emerged from a heartfelt commitment to assist individuals, both children and adults, who grapple with Dyslexia. Its originator, Louise Brazeau-Ward, has a profound understanding of the difficulties and emotional toll that accompany the challenges of dyslexia, thanks to her personal experiences. Her journey inspired her to establish the Canadian Dyslexia Association (CDA) after she received disheartening news about her son's potential struggles with reading and writing.

In 1989, Mrs. Brazeau-Ward took her unwavering dedication to the next level by establishing HERITAGE ACADEMY, a primary and secondary school located in Ottawa. This institution was purposefully designed to provide specialized support and education tailored to the needs of students facing dyslexia. Through her commitment to empowering individuals with dyslexia, Mrs. Brazeau-Ward made a lasting impact in this field, as evident through her involvement with the CDA, CDC, and HERITAGE ACADEMY.

Mrs. Brazeau-Ward has since retired from her role at the CDC, and the team at HERITAGE ACADEMY has taken a significant step by establishing a new resource and training center known as HERITAGE ACADEMY DYSLEXIA CENTRE (HADC).


The HERITAGE ACADEMY DYSLEXIA CENTRE (HADC),  now leading the training in Ottawa for the S.M.T.  method formerly used by the Canadian Dyslexia Centre INC, is situated in Ottawa and specializes in conducting in-person training sessions for the Simultaneous Multisensory Teaching Method (S.M.T.)

The HADC serves as a valuable resource for individuals dealing with dyslexia and specific language difficulties.

The S.M.T. method is a phonemic awareness program based on the principles of Orton-Gillingham. This method is designed to cater to students and adults of all age groups, offering them effective support in enhancing their literacy skills and addressing language challenges.


The HADC collaborates closely with HERITAGE ACADEMY, a top ranked private school based in Ottawa, which has been a pioneer in employing specialized teaching techniques for students with dyslexia for over three decades. 

The HADC is managed by Mrs. Cheryl Ward-Hansen and along with local experts in the field of Dyslexia, our team is excited for this new chapter.